Are you an Apple or a PC? How to buy a new computer?

Hey Guys,

Just sitting here in my home. Just wanted to bring you a vlog about how to buy a new computer. The first thing you need to decide is are you going to buy an Apple computer or a PC computer. Apple computers are often better for older people. They are simpler to use and they are better for a consumer who wants something easy to use. PC computers give you more control. Sort of like the difference between an android phone and an iPhone. I recommend you then look at your computers RAM that’s the random-access memory. 16 Gigs to 32 Gigs is recommended nowadays and more will give you better ability to open multiple windows. After that you need to look at the drive type. Is it a solid-state drive (solid states are the fastest and newest technology) that’s what you should look for. 500 Gigabytes is probably enough. After that you need to look at the processor. Is the processor Intel or AMD? Now Apple created their own processor but Intel AMD there is no real benefit between the two, they are both good. I like Intel because it’s the proven name (a company built by Andrew Grove). After that you can pick out more simplistic things the keyboard or the design of the computer. All in all, I would recommend if you want a simple no thought process buy a Mac, if you are more into computers maybe buy a PC.