The ultimate “status symbol” in the twenty first century!

Hey guys,

It’s your boy Alec Kinahan,

Got the Parliament building in the back and the Empress to the right over here.

I just wanted to come to you today quickly to talk to you about the ultimate “status symbol” in the twenty first century, and that is your health. So, it starts with self-love, love yourself. I used to smoke cigarettes, drink a lot of alcohol, what you can do to avoid that is say “I’m not a smoker, I’m not a drinker” and move away from quick fix mediums and move towards more painful activities in life like exercise to improve your mental wiring. So, I’m going to go back to it really quickly, the ultimate status symbol in the twenty first century will be your health. Things like money and your cars, well if you like how your house is built, I suppose that is great, but if you’re buying it to try and impress someone else, well it will be a very empty life.