How to get instant technology support in Victoria BC!

On-Site Technology Solutions was founded by Alec Kinahan, a graduate of the University of Victoria, with a BSc in Health Information Science. Our mission is to share our passion for technology and innovation, with our customers, through our services. We offer on-site solutions and education for people of all ages and knowledge levels. Call 250-857-1470 today! No problem is too small. #yyjbusiness#yyj#victoriabc#victoriabcbusiness#victoria#technology#techsupport

As the founder of On-Site Technology Solutions, based in Victoria BC, I like to think I adhere to an approachable yet professional style. I am passionate about delivering technology support to clients faster than and for a fraction of the price of traditional providers. No problem is too small. Call me today at (250)-857-1470. #technologysupport#yyjbusiness#victoriabc#victoriabcbusiness