Why a war with America would be impossible for the other side to win!




They already have all these technologies! Obviously!

Nine kingdoms possess nuclear weapons: The United States, Russia, France, China, The United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea. The United States and Israel have strong ties. Canadians like me will step up and Support the United States. Obviously!

Tragic history of Eastern Europe. Second World War started by both neighbors attacking Poland.  My father and two uncles were lucky, because they were taken prisoners of war by Germans (not Russians) who attacked from the East. Soviet Union (Russian and Ukrainians together) put them in prison and later, without any trial, executed over 20 thousand of them by the shot in the back of the head (as shown on the painting).  Later when Germans attacked Soviet Union, International Red Cross excavated mass graves. Now, 80 years later Russians are slaughtering Ukrainians and the world gets interesting evening news. Action taken “spilling to the sink Russian vodka”.  Action not very different from September 1939, so called “phony war” fought  by the West. At least now there is a better reason for timidity, because nuclear confrontation can blow us to the Mars. Just a short course of history and reflections for my grandsons – from my Grandpa!

Do you really want to exterminate all of Earth Life?