How to know when you need to replace that old computer.

Hey guys,

Alec Kinahan here coming today to you with a quick vlog about when you know you need to replace your computer. So, it all starts when it really starts to slow down it gets bogged down, usually this is a five, to seven, to eight-year-old computer. The biggest change that has taken place in the technology in the last five to ten years, is the move from SATA disk drives to Solid State Drives. SATA where it’s a spinning disk with a magnet, and Solid State uses a more proprietary technology that allows for super-fast transfer speeds. If you’ve got a slow computer, don’t hesitate to give my company a call, On-Site Technology Solutions, what we can do is we can come down there, we can give you a quote from one of our partners about what a new PC would cost you, we will have it with better RAM a Solid-State Drive and all those bells and whistles. Ok guys, have a great day, bye now.