Computers don’t get hacked people do.

Hey Victoria,

It’s Alec Kinahan from On-Site Technology Solutions,

Coming today to you with a vlog about security. So, I get a lot of questions about security, am I being hacked, have I been hacked, has my computer been hacked? First and foremost, no you’ve probably not been hacked, and I’d like to make it clear that computers don’t usually get hacked people do. When you get a phone call from some random person about a tech issue and they say we need your credit card. Or they socially engineer you with a webpage that looks like your Facebook login but it’s actually not your Facebook login. We need to educate users to get them using their technology very carefully, that’s why my business exists. So one thing you can do is contact me at (250) 857-1470 and I can get out there to you.